Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cutest little fondue party

I've always wanted to throw a cute little fondue party. Whenever I visit my sister Fanua in Boise we end up making chocolate fondue. I had so much fun planning and putting together my fondue party. I got little fondue pots for everyone to have one by their plate. There was plenty of things to dip. My sister Anna made the Best bruschetta in the world, and I think everyone liked that over the chocolate. It was so fun to dip everything, my favorite were the cheesecake brownie platter and strawberries.

All the roomies digging in

sexy table display

eating my first of 75 skewers

everyone's personal mini fondue

Jenna and Jordi

Anna's bruschetta and spinach dip.. mmmmmm

Nikki and Shalie looking cute like always

Me and tori ate the most chocolate..figures

all of us around the table...minus ANeesa taking the pic

I'm guessing that is Nikki's hand reaching...again.

Everything was sooo good... I'll do another one again.


  1. Oh my goodness! That is the cutest fondue party I've ever seen! That looks so yummy! Why wasn't I invited? :) I love that you had an individual pot of chocolate for everyone. Where did you get them? I also love the big table and those white plates. Now I want to do a party like that!

  2. Mele! That is the cutest idea for a party. I have a fondue set I got for my wedding and ive never used it...you have inspired me!!!

  3. Oh my gosh that looked SOOOO good. Its like your own little Melting Pot party. The next thing I throw will be a fondue party and I will need your assistance....

  4. Yeah... thanks for inviting me. Invite me to your next one... I have a fondue pot I have never used. You better!

  5. You little bitty! That is Shalies hand! hahaha. It was a super classy party Mele. Thanks!

  6. Mele,
    Your so talented and creative in everything you do! You need your own show...make up, hair, food, parties...what else can't you do? Way cute!

  7. You can throw one for me when I move out in a few weeks. It'll be my divorce shower that we talked about.

  8. SOOOOOOOO much fun! You are the best Mel, thanks again!
    P.S. I think I left my phone in your car or house from your birthday. Can you check and then call Sita's phone? Thanks

  9. Yeah for your party! That looked so sexy, I love it! Where did you get your fondue pots from? I love your menu, much more fun than mine! Who did the cheesecake and brownie pieces? Love love love it! I think I'll throw another party now!

    Love ya!

  10. That looks so dang fun, I am so happy I found your blog. It look like you are doing good. You look so cute in all of these pics. Happy late Birthday.

  11. Oh my freak....Mele! My long lost Vegas friend. You look so good! I'm glad I found you..we can be blogger buddies now. We still need to figure out when we are going to go work the poles:)

  12. Thanks for the invite! Oh wait....
    whatever, it looks like tons of fun! Are you still working at PF? I want to come see you!!

  13. Hey glad I found your blog. Katie says she runs into to every once in awhile. You look cute as always.

    Email me at kelbundy@msn.com and i'll add you to ours.

  14. Wow!! Wonderful fondue party. Honestly loved your party favors and food too. Have never threw such amazing party before. Planning to have this party at one of LA venues. Will take ideas for arrangements from internet for the day. Want to make the party best.