Tuesday, February 3, 2009

about time I get lei'd

Nikki and I decided to take a random trip to hawaii for the weekend. We both have flying benefits and they were ending soon. We got to spend two days in the sun. Nikki's skin got some tomato color and mine turned a sexy caramel. We stayed at Waikiki and I believe half of Japan was on vacation with us. We played on the beach for two days, ate some local food, and went whale watching on a boat. It was so much fun with Nikki and now I have to get back to real life, but atleast I'm tan.

Had to take a pic of my tan!!


  1. YAH!!! so glad you took pix. you always make me laugh- so nikki is tomato colored, huh. and of course you are sexy caramel! :-) what a fun trip!!! back to reality- but a tanned reality- love you tons xoxo
    p.s. brooks is getting baptized the 1st sat in april, hope you can come for it!

  2. I can't believe you can just fly to Hawaii for the weekend. How do you guys both have benefits? That would be my dream. Adam and I are planning on going, but not until after he graduates from law school and we can afford it. It's so expensive!

    Looks like fun! I would have gotten red like Nikki, not sexy tan like you.

  3. K everone, let's just clarify.... it is a way sexy red that men lust after. And it is complimented with some sexy sun blisters on my lip. I am so hot right now. Love ya Mel!